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Measure my anxiety

Using the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI): By answering the questions below, you can identify for yourself what your levels of anxiety are.

There are 21 symptoms of anxiety to measure. Answer each question ACCORDING TO HOW YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE PAST WEEK:

Not at all - SCORE 0
Mildy (It didn't bother you much) - SCORE 1
Moderately (It was very unpleasant but I could stand it) - SCORE 2
Severely (I could barely stand it) - SCORE 3


0 - 9 reflects a normal level of anxiety
10 - 18 indicates mild-moderate anxiety
19 - 29 indicates moderate-severe anxiety
30 - 63 indicates severe anxiety    

Press SEND at the end of the questions to receive a copy of your answers
Please answer each of the questions below as you have been during the past week to 2 weeks.


Don't worry if you haven't added up your score yet - you can do it later. A copy of your answers will come through in an email and you can add them up then. The category scores are at the top of this page.

If you would like to include any additional comments, please do so in the box below:

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