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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
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Consultation with Debbie Featherstone

  • 1-1 appointments are included when you enrol on the CBT for Tinnitus E-Programme. Optimum time for first 1-1 is 4-6 weeks after starting the process. There is a choice of enrolling with one, two or three 1-1 appointments (using Zoom) Go to course site to view the course - you can enrol from there
  • Or you may prefer a 1-1 Consultation (using Zoom). Availability is within 2 weeks:
  • Payment link (£175.00)  
  • Complete your preferred day  
  • Complete your Tinnitus Functional Index
  • Once payment has been received, and you have sent in your TFI and preferred day, I will email you with your appointment date and time
  • Use the debbie@tinnituseprogram.org email address to contact me

Debbie Featherstone MSc Hearing Therapy | Psychotherapy & CBT Specialist

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