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  • Debbie Featherstone MSc

  • 25 years experience in Tinnitus Management

  • Clinical practice, teaching and research

  • Senior Associate - The Royal Society of Medicine

  • Psychotherapy for anxiety and depression

  • Bringing Psychotherapy & its Neuroscience in to focus

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"However we imagine ourselves to be, don't we just want to be happy?"


I can help you with:

* Managing tinnitus to the point of it no longer being a problem
* Hyperacusis (over-sensitivity to sound)
* A vestibular-related balance problem
* Coping with hearing loss


I can also help you with:

Anxiety | Stress | OCD | Trauma | Depression

Isn't it all too easy to put others' needs ahead of your own?

Family commitments
Work commitments
All those jobs that need doing that are still waiting.....

So who is looking after you?
Who is looking after you

I work from my clinic in Clitheroe, Lancashire, in the heart of the Ribble Valley

You can see me at the clinic if you live nearby. Book your Assessment from here

Alternatively, I work online with many patients - especially those with distressing tinnitus who live too far away to attend the clinic

When working online, I can be with a patient in Melbourne, Australia in the morning and another in New York, USA in the afternoon!

All ages 14+ welcome!
Contact me by email

Or you can call the clinic, but remember I won't be available to speak to you if I am in clinic. My hours vary depending on clients' location. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I am free

Tel. 01200-538411

Debbie Featherstone MSc Psychotherapy & Tinnitus Management Specialist

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