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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
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How is Misophonia Treated?

Misophonia (miso = dislike; phonia = sounds) can be treated very successfully over time using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Usually, depending on its' severity at the outset of treatment, it can take anything from around 4-12 months to treat, the average time being 6-8 months

CBT involves BOTH Behavioural AND Cognitive therapy, always beginning with the behavioural aspects of the process including work on the Autonomic Nervous System. Cognitive therapy including exposure therapy takes place some way in to the process

It is necessary to have had a medical opinion confirming misophonia prior to embarking on any therapy/treatment, and to have your hearing tested by a registered Audiologist. A copy of your Audiogram should include air conduction, bone conduction and *Uncomfortable Loudness Levels (ULLs)*, as well as a copy of your Tympanometry results as they will be requested by me should you decide to go ahead with CBT for Misophonia. Misophonia is usually accompanied by normal (good) hearing levels  
*If there is any possibility that you have hyperacusis, ULLs are NOT recommended + under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should Tympanometry include Acoustic Reflex testing

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